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Happy Birthday Rose Joan Blondell! (30 August 1906 — 25 December 1979)

"Joan Blondell had it all: looks, talent, energy, humor. If she never became a top-flight superstar, the fault lies mostly with Warner Brothers. At MGM, Joan could have easily had Jean Harlow’s career; at Paramount, Claudette Colbert’s or Carole Lombard’s; at Fox, Loretta Young’s; at RKO, Ginger Rogers’. Some of the fault lies, too, with Blondell herself, who later admitted, “The instant they said ‘cut!’ I was whammo out of that studio and into the car … In order to be a top star and remain a top star and to get all the fantastic roles that you yearned for, you’ve got to fight for it and you’ve got to devote your twenty-four hours to just that; you’ve got to think of yourself as a star, operate as a star; do all the press that is necessary … What meant most to me was getting home, and that’s the truth.” But if Joan Blondell got slightly lost in the shuffle at Warners, she still managed to turn in some delightfully snappy performances and typify the warm-hearted, wisecracking Depression dame. And when she aged, she did so with grace and humor." — Eve Golden.

A day late honoring the fizz in the soda…two million thanks to Joan Blondell

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Summer Under the Stars comes to a close tomorrow with the films of Alan Ladd.  #LaddTCM 


Happy Labor Day weekend from Norma Rae

Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake in THE BLUE DAHLIA at midnight Eastern. I also recommend JOAN OF ARC at 7:15 a.m. Eastern…set your DVRs.

"Orson Welles lists "Citizen Kane" as his best film, Alfred Hitchcock opts for "Shadow of a Doubt" and Sir Carol Reed chose "The Third Man" - and I’m in all of them." Joseph Cotten also co-wrote JOURNEY INTO FEAR, 6:45 p.m. Eastern ^PG

Actress, columnist, businesswoman (that’s her perfume, Dahlia), astrologer…Arlene Dahl had her own empire going on before such a thing was commonplace ^PG

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TCM Party,
Summer Under The Stars

Our Week 4 Summer Under The Stars picks…better late than never, as they say. Find out which film Trevor thinks will change your life and whose popularity is disturbing to Paula.

DVR/viewing alert: Edmond O’Brien in BACKFIRE at 4:15 p.m. Eastern ^PG